This Week's Brave Adds: June 19th

Hey guys, Mairead here! Every summer, artists of all genres emerge from a musical hibernation to give listeners what we need: the jams. This week’s Brave Adds are the antidote to a lame playlist! School’s out and it’s time to get down to indie summer hits! 

What better way to “Dive” into summer than with a new single from Coast Modern? The LA based duo has released a total of 3 singles in 2017 already. “Dive” is the perfect summer song for sippin’ on something cool and refreshing poolside. The bubbly synth pairs well with the dreamy vocals, creating sunshine in audio form that you need this summer. Coast Modern is rumored to release an album sometime over the summer.

Arcade Fire is back just in time for summer 2017'! Craving a catchy disco beat? Need more pan flute in your life? Look no further, the title track for the band’s fifth album is finally here! “Everything Now” is the secret ingredient that magical summer playlist needs. Whether it’s at pool parties or blasting as you tear down the highway with your buds, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. The album is set to be released later this year. You can catch Arcade Fire at Madison Square Garden in NYC this September

Hot off the presses is a new experimental sound for The Killers. “How should a band sound in 2017?” Killer’s frontman Brandon Flowers asks himself. From the band’s soon to be released fifth album Wonderful Wonderful is the single “The Man”. In a recent press release, The Killers claim that the upcoming album is their “...most sonically forward-thinking record yet…” WHOA. Electric and upbeat, this new arena anthem is sure to have you groovin’ this summer.

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ catchy, angsty rock song? “Metaphor” begins with a lively guitar-led intro that turns into a much deeper richer sound for the rest of the song. Off their freshly released LP “Chroma”, this song is sure to help chase the blues of being home for the summer away.

Whether we like it or not, beach body season is here. Need a little extra motivation to power through a tough workout? The X Ambassadors have you covered! A light chorus drives into a heavy instrumental breakdown in the new adrenaline pumping single “The Devil You Know”. Making this the perfect alt-rock song for spinners, crossfitters, and thrill seekers.

Is it really summer if your dad/uncle/pip-pap etc... isn't shakin it to some surf-rock? Molly Rankin, lead singer of Alvvays, does not disappoint in the band’s new single “In Undertow”. This surf-rock breakup ballad will whisk you away to fuzzy, nostalgic, dreamy new heights. Alvvays is set to release their next album, “Antisocialites” on September 8th this year. If you’re digging Alvvays you can catch them in Brooklyn in early October!