Brave Adds: July 24th, 2017

Take a break from listening to everyone complain about the summer heat and fill your ears with the newest music er have to offer ! Straight from the Music Director’s desk at Brave New Radio, here are this week’s Brave Adds!


Little Of Your Love - HAIM

HAIM debuted their song “Little of Your Love” on Saturday Night Live. And it was flawless. With a chorus that is instantly catchy and singable, it’s no wonder that the song’s giddy energy is so infectious. The song is produced so each instrument is percussive around the vocals and handclaps; as if to pleasantly overwhelm the listener, pushing them to submit to the beat. Haim asked for a little of our love, but we’re giving them all of it!

Somebody To Love - Abhi the Nomad

Hopefully Abhi The Nomad knows CPR because he took our breath away! LA based rapper, Abhi The Nomad, has gone where few have gone before. Combining Hip Hop and Alt-Rock, his unique sound has us all ears. His latest single “Somebody to Love” explores the mundane feelings life has to offer. The easy going yet optimistic beat of this track is sure to have you groovin’ this week!

HOME - morgxn

LA based artist morgxn’s anthem “home” perfectly describes the triumphant sense of a homecoming. Funky guitar melodies and rich vocals drift through the song, contouring around claps and ah’s that eventually open into a glorious gospel led chorus. “home” has a dark and uplifting melody that calls out to you. If you like what you hear, you can catch morgxn on tour with Skylar Grey on October 11th at Le Poisson Rogue in NYC. 

Do A Thing - Street Joy

“Do a Thing” is a vivacious track from an up and coming young band. Street Joy is a duo made up of Jason DeMayo and Scott Zimmerman. Fresh and funky vibes in this song will have you hooked start to finish! The band shreds apart the melody multiple song throughout the track until they ultimately momentarily drop all instrumentation for an intentional anti-climax. As Street Joy begins to go in a new direction with their sounds, fans can expect more from them with upcoming releases. “Do a Thing” is only the beginning!

helpline - Mura Masa (ft. Tom Tripp)

Looking for an infectiously fun, indie beat with eccentric vocals? UK’s Mura Masa has got you covered with his new single “Helpline”. Featuring vocals from Tom Tripp, an upcoming artist who claimed the spot of one of the most promising new acts in the UK with a single demo. If you’re enjoying Mura Masa as much as we are, you can check out his newest self titled album Mura Masa released earlier this month.

Trigger - Deaf Havana

British Alternative Rock band Deaf Havana recently released their new album All These Countless Nights. Their song “Trigger” makes this week’s Brave Add List because of the way that the lively energy meshes with the lyrics. Singer, James Veck-Gilodi once said that this track was one of the few that just came out as he put pen to paper. “It’s about me feeling alone in relationships and alone in life...too idled by laziness to do anything to change them.” Comforting... Add "Trigger” for a little added edge to your playlist.


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