The Programming Department answers directly to the FCC by maintaining a Public File and following FCC guidelines for broadcasting. The Program Director schedules music, PSAs, underwriting spots and other sound elements for each broadcast day. Additionally, the PD approves on-air guests and compiles a quarterly Program Information Report about the programming broadcast in the public interest.

Programming is also responsible for the overall sound of the station, constantly listening and giving DJs feedback in order to improve performance.

Our current Program Director is Nick Gomez. Our As. Programing Director is Ashley Weltner


Arguably the most important and most underappreciated department, Music is the biggest part of WP 88.7's sound. Our Music Director charts the music we play with the College Music Journal and reports on the number of spins each record gets to promoters.

In addition to the Music Director, Brave New Radio has a Metal Director and a Local Music Director who make sure we have a constant supply of fresh, new music to keep our listeners smitten with us.

Our current Music Directors are Nick Machado, Mairead Mitru & Hannah Greve. Our Hip Hop Director is Nick Viscogliosi, and our Local Music Director is Conor Palecek.


Production Room.JPG

Our Production Department creates the majority of our station imagery. Anytime you hear a station ID, a promo for a specific show or an instrumental track for DJs to talk over, that's the Production Department at work. Using industry standard equipment, the vocal talents of our wonderful DJs and a monstrous sound effects library, our Production Director is always churning out new sounds to get stuck in listeners' heads.

Our Production Director is Bree Testa.



Founded in 2008, the Brave New Radio news team is responsible for producing news audiocasts that run on 35 other radio station across the U.S. through syndication with USA News Network. Our newscasters come from WPUNJ's Radio News class, taught by our General Manager.

Additionally, the News Department is responsible for the scheduling of Public Service Announcements, the production of original news packages and attending important University lectures and events to get the inside scoop.

Our News Director is Joel Carrasquillo and our As. News Director is Erika Schiller


WPUNJ's Pioneer sports games are what the Sports Department lives and breathes. Each semester, our sports team members do live remote broadcasts of every important Pioneer game, home or away. Each broadcast gives you full play-by-play and color commentary, pre and post-game shows, and live interviews with coaches and players. Our sportscasters strive to be the premiere authorities on Pioneer sports.

Our current Sports Director is Justin McHugh.


Event Promotions is all about getting the word out. From running station contests, to giveaways at WPUNJ's student center, to doing live remote broadcasts from local businesses, Promotions might be the busiest department at Brave New Radio.

Staffed by station trainees and armed to the teeth with bumpers stickers, fliers and prizes, you'll no doubt catch the Promotions street team storming the campus and giving away prize packs at local music venues. Keep an eye out, and catch them if you can!

Our Event Promotions Director is Sadelle Vespoli


The importance of social media within the larger realm of media and broadcast cannot be overstated. In addition to this website, we also have blog, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram presences. Getting in touch with Brave New Radio has never been easier! Whether you want to know what song just played or if you have a request or comment, we are listening!

Our Social Media Promotions Director is Andrew Jaquez.


Brother Bruno's Pizza and Bagels as been a supporter of Brave New Radio for many years! Thank you for the wonderful pizzas! 

Brother Bruno's Pizza and Bagels as been a supporter of Brave New Radio for many years! Thank you for the wonderful pizzas! 

Like our Events Promotions Department, Business Promotions is out on the prowl, trying to form relationships with local businesses in Bergen, Passaic, Morris and Essex counties. Want to promote your business on our airwaves? Brave New Radio is where it's at. Want to donate used audio and video equipment, or unneeded office and music supplies? Food, water, couches, CDs? Business Promotions will take them!

Some people, (like former Business Promotions Directors) claim that this is the most important department, because without partnerships and sponsorships from local businesses, we'd be playing with dull record needles and drinking nothing but instant coffee!

Our Business Promotions Director is Christina Roofe.