ALBUM REVIEW: All Things Work Together by Lecrae


There is a song for everyone on Lecrae’s new album All Things Work Together (ATWT). This is mainly because the Houston rapper raps about so many relevant issues that people are facing today. He delivers these words over instrumentals that cater to the younger crowd and to the older crowd, to the die-hard hip-hop fans, and for people who are looking for something new; for the Christian, and for the Atheist; for the Democrat and for the Republican.

I have known of Lecrae for a few years now. I’ve heard previous albums that he has released like, “Anomaly” “Church Clothes 2” and “Church Clothes 3.” These were all great albums but ATWT may be the best out of all of them. For instance in Church Clothes 3, he began to be more vocal about problems with the American government and the injustices carried out against minorities. He addresses these same issues in ATWT but also shares how it personally affected him. He rapped about Tamir Rice, the 12-year-old African American male from Cleveland who was gunned down by a police officer in 2014. Unjustified killings like these is what caused depression and doubt to come into his life, but in his song, “Can’t Stop Me Now (Destination),” he expresses those same feeling that it’s time for them to leave. You can listen to that song here:

The content on ATWT is encouraging, uplifting and youthful. The younger crowd who are fans of the songs that make them want to dance, will enjoy the rhythms and wordplay in songs like, “Whatchu Mean,” featuring Aha Gazelle, and “Hammer Time,” featuring 1k Phew. Lecrae built this album in such a way that a person can be in tears one minute, then could be dancing the next. These tearjerkers include his song featuring Tori Kelly, “I’ll Find You,” and “I Cry for You,” featuring Taylor Hill. Hear Whatchu Mean here: 


Lecrae has always been vocal about his faith in God. For this reason, some people refer to him as a gospel rapper, but in countless interviews he has referred to himself as a Christian who raps. While listening to ATWT, you won’t get offensive language or self-glorification but the stories of a real man who faces every day issues just like us.

Written by Kevin Steele; images found on Google Images, Video by VEVO, and song by Lecrae Music. 

Kevin is an intern blogger for Brave New Radio