WPSC Celebrates 30 Years as FM Station with Alumni Takeover Week!


Wayne, NJ, November 28th, 2018 - From December 3rd through the 8th, the Marconi award-winning WPSC-FM will do something completely unprecedented in its history by uniting all previous eras of WPSC alumni for one, week-long celebration.

 Starting on Monday, December 3, the college radio station will revive decade’s worth of previous WPSC eras and revive each sound for an entire 24 hours before moving into the next era. Previous students and graduates will return to the airwaves and relive the glory days when they were members of the radio station.

The eras being recognized are WPSC 59 AM Radio (Monday, Dec 3), WPSC-FM AP Radio (Tues, Dec 4), Laser Hits PSC (Weds, Dec 5), 88.7 Hit Radio (Thurs, Dec 6), North Jersey’s Independent Rock (Fri, Dec 7), and the current Brave New Radio (Sat, Dec 8). The celebration will conclude with a special brunch held at William Paterson University on Saturday, December 8th.


“It’s very exciting and also an honor to be able to come back and recreate the Hit Radio format that we had when we were students here in the 90s, and we have a great deal of gratitude towards the university towards making this happen” says Mike Bonte, a WPUNJ graduate in 2000 and WPSC alumni.

WPSC-FM have held many Alumni Takeover Weekends in year’s past but this is the first time they will recreate the sound and imaging of each era for each day that week. For listeners, it will sound as if that specific era is currently on the radio. WPSC-FM will also celebrate their recent NAB Marconi Award win as 2018 Non-Commercial Station of the Year. This event also commemorates 30 years of broadcasting out of Wayne, NJ as an FM licensed radio station, first launching in December 1988.

WPSC Station Manager Sebastian Escobar is also enthusiastic about this event, “It’s great for our current students to meet and work with those former students who paved the way for where WPSC is today. It’s also a lot of fun, so I urge people to tune in!”

Check Out Full Schedule Below

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Sebastian Escobar