Voices Of Our Future Episode 1: Change the Ref

From changetheref.org

From changetheref.org

This first episode of Voices of Our Future is with Change the Ref, an organization started by Manuel and Patricia Oliver after their son, Joaquin Oliver's life was taken too soon at the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018 in Parkland, Florida.

Change The Ref is on a mission to empower today's youth and make a change for the better. They spread their message  by creating Walls of Demand in cities across the nation as well as using their Posts Into Letters campaign. To find out more about this check out their website at Changetheref.org

"This organization gives Joaquin the voice that he is unable to anymore", Manuel said. “This isn’t about me being an artist, it’s Joaquin being an activist."

That right there is why I’m doing this podcast series. It is about giving a voice to those who can’t anymore and it gives the opportunity for others to share their opinions on what is going on in our country and to make a change for the future.

On a personal level this interview meant a lot to me, and I choked up quite a bit during the interview itself (as you'll hear) but being able to talk to Manuel about the change they are making in this world gives me hope that one day we will have a safer America where people can go to school, movies, and concerts and not worry about a tragedy happening at the hands of a lone gunman.

Once again, keep up to date with Change the Ref and see what they have planned for the future at their website changetheref.org. Register to vote at headcount.org and don’t forget to vote in the upcoming elections to help shape the country into one that you want to live in.

And of course, please listen to our conversation with Manuel. Comment below with your thoughts. Thank you

-Ashley Weltner