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Part of the Vieques Recovery Project

Mission Statement

Community radio stations across the country and around the world are vital to the survival of the communities they serve. They provide localized information, are major points of contact during emergencies, and serve as an outlet for creativity for youth in the area.

In 2018, WP students and faculty traveled to Vieques, Puerto Rico to assist in humanitarian relief efforts months after the destructive Hurricane Maria leveled the island.

Once there, they forged a bond with the people, delivering meals, speaking with victims of all ages, and ESTABLISHING a relationship with the island's own community radio station: wvqr radio vieques.

As a result, starting in june 2018, wpsc & wvqr will OFFICIALLY form a sister-station relationship, sharing some of their programming across both airwaves.

Please consider making a donation to the Vieques Recovery Project

Your donation to our Vieques Recovery Project supports our initiatives to:

·         Rebuilding critical infrastructure at the Radio Vieques facility

·         Provide materials and support to elevate the station’s visibility on the island

·         Purchasing equipment, organizing and training HAM radio operations across the island for use in emergencies

·         Developing educational opportunities to engage Vieques youth with William Paterson faculty, staff, and students


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September 2018: Update on our Progress

In June 2018, the group returned to Vieques to finalize the sister-station relationship with WVQR Radio Vieques and to begin the process of mentoring students for the practice of being on radio and to teach them the importance of social media marketing. We also held workshops on sexual abuse and domestic violence and continued the ongoing major project of teaching people on the island the importance of HAM Radio in the event of an emergency. We are happy to say we have seen unbelievable PROGRESS! Thank you to everyone who has been so gractious to donate to our project. However, our work in Vieques is not over. 

4 months after Hurricane Maria, 13 William Paterson University Communication department students, faculty and staff traveled to Vieques, Puerto Rico. 6 months later they returned to continue the work that they started.